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Home Appliance Repair: When Is It Time To Call a Pro?

Updated: May 16, 2023

Home Appliance Repair: When Is It Time To Call a Pro?

Your home appliances are the lifeblood of your daily routine—they make life easier, save you time, and generally make household chores more bearable. But what happens when one of these trusty machines starts to malfunction or stops working altogether? Simple DIY fixes may no longer cut it, and it could be time to call in a professional appliance repair service. So, how do you know when it’s time to consult a pro? This blog post will discuss common appliance issues and their warning signs and provide tips on when to seek professional help.

Signs Your Appliances Need Repair

The first step in determining whether to perform a repair yourself or to call in an expert is recognizing the signs that your home appliances need repair. Here are some common indications:

Decreased Efficiency

Your appliance takes longer to complete a task, uses more energy, or requires multiple attempts to achieve the desired result.

Strange Noises

Unusual sounds such as grinding, buzzing, or clicking can indicate a problem that needs attention.


Water or other fluids leaking from your appliance may signal a cracked or damaged component.

Electrical Issues

An appliance short-circuiting, sparking, or frequently tripping a circuit breaker can indicate a dangerous electrical issue.

Consistent Errors

Repeated warning signals or error codes on your appliance’s digital display can suggest a malfunction.

Diagnosing the Problem

Once you’ve recognized that your appliance needs repair, it’s essential to determine whether the issue is a simple fix or if it requires professional attention.

Some common problems that homeowners can easily fix on their own include changing a light bulb, unclogging a dishwasher’s spray arm, or doing a reboot of the machine by unplugging it for 20 minutes so the appliance can reset itself. These tasks are relatively low-risk, and you can perform them effectively by following the appliance’s user manual or seeking guidance from online resources. However, make sure to unplug the appliance first and use the correct tools for the job while following proper safety precautions.

When To Call a Professional

If your appliance’s issues fall outside of the simple fixes mentioned above, it’s generally best to call a professional. Here are some examples of situations where you should call in a pro for home appliance repairs:

Technical Repair

Problems with intricate components such as motors, circuits, or timers often require expert knowledge and specialized tools.

Gas Appliances

Working with gas appliances carries a high risk of leakage, explosion, or carbon monoxide poisoning, so repairs are best left to licensed professionals.

Electrical Inconsistencies

To avoid potential electrical fires or damage to your appliance, call an expert when the appliance is experiencing fluctuating power levels or flickering lights.

Warranty Concerns

Self-repairs can void your appliance’s warranty, so it’s best to call in a professional to protect this valuable coverage.

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